Our kindergarten tuition programmes focus on building a strong foundation in languages and mathematics for the young kids. Guided by experienced teachers with professional teaching skills, we create a conducive learning environment and a fun and interesting surrounding for better learning. Your child will grow healthily and learn to better express himself with great confidence. (Tuition @Bedok North)

K 1 
Foundation skills in literacy and numeracy. Phonics and sentence construction. Strokes and sequence in Chinese characters. Joy of language learning with friends. Storytelling and games sessions to motivate children’s participation and expression.

K 2
Strengthening skills in listening, speaking, reading and writing. Word-problem solving skills to prepare students for Primary 1 Mathematics lessons. Chinese and English vocabulary enrichment. Basic Hanyu Pinyin skill-vowels, consonants. Storytelling and games sessions to motivate and encourage children’s participation for more effective learning.